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Here are some direct quotes from your colleagues who have participated in the CanREACH Program, including the PPP Fellowship

“CanREACH broke pediatric psychiatric topics into tangible and manageable parts. I now feel much more confident in assessing, diagnosing and treating pediatric psychiatric conditions. I wish I had taken this training years ago.” 

Dr. Elaine Desnoyers

(attended September 2021)

“I had very little experience and 0 confidence in treating mental health patients. I learnt a lot on this course and it has definitely boosted my confidence. Thank you very much. The course was AMAZING!!”

Dr. Sheetal Bhojani

(attended May 2021)

“The course taught us how to approach and manage different cases of mental health conditions in children. Build a foundation for starting to manage children. Build a team that help and facilitate the management and follow up.”

Dr. Mohamed Abouhemeid

(attended May 2021)

“It took only 3 days to completely change my knowledge and confidence in diagnosing and treating this area of medicine. It is absolutely practice changing. Plus, I have built a new community of colleagues in the last three days to provide ongoing support to each other.”

Dr. Kim Krueger

(attended May 2021)

“This is the most comprehensive, evidence-based and practical course I have attended about pediatric mental health.  I think the role plays and the small group discussions, the prompts to commit to practice change and the 6 month follow up calls will be instrumental in translating the knowledge gained this weekend into practice change.”

Dr. Karen Louie

(attended May 2021)

“Having the opportunity to role play cases and go through different scenarios which we often see in primary care. So helpful to go through the scales, scoring and getting comfortable using them. The resources in this course are incredibly useful. I feel much more confident in assessment, diagnosis and treatment. My referrals to specialists will decrease with the knowledge from this course.”

Dr. Alicia Mason

(attended February 2021)

“I am now empowered and equipped with tools to effectively and efficiently assess and diagnose and treat my pediatric patients who have mental health concerns.   I am deeply inspired by the caring and enthusiastic faculty and fellow participants.   It is wonderful to know I am not alone in my journey in this helping profession.”

Dr. Karen Ching

(attended February 2021)

“I now have the confidence and tools to accurately diagnose and initiate treatment for ADHD, anxiety, depression which I did not feel comfortable doing before. I feel supported by the program for more difficult cases and have gained access to so many helpful resources that will benefit both my patients and their families.”

Dr. Lynnsey Frunchak

(attended February 2021)

“This is the best course I've taken! It is practice changing in so many ways. It increased my confidence in treating mental illnesses that I do treat already (ie. anxiety and depression) - it has provided more objective screening and follow up scales to objectively monitor effectiveness of treatment. It has also given me the knowledge and comfort to formally diagnose and begin treatment on patients with other mental illnesses (i.e. ADHD, aggression, psychosis) immediately instead of delaying care.” 

Dr. Danielle Diaz

(attended February 2021)

“This course teaches a practice-changing road map to provide clinicians with better ways to assess and manage patients with mental health challenges.  The introduction of the numerous useful scales and the chance to connect with the medical community in this area are invaluable.”

Dr. Alex Wong

(attended October 2020)

“This course builds confidence by suggesting tools and showing how they work in real life. Even if you take away 1/10th of the content, your practice will be better.  (But you won't just take away 1/10th of the content!)”

Dr. Michelle Klassen

(attended October 2020)

“Hearing from the experience of the Faculty and hearing practical tips relevant for family physicians for mental health management in primary care. I feel more confident in my approach to diagnosis and management of the most common mental health concerns that present regularly in family medicine.”

Dr. Diana Hong

(attended October 2020)

“Tons of practical knowledge from practising primary care physicians and mental health specialists in areas of screening for mental health disorders, prescribing, follow-up, incorporating tools into EMR, billing, and who to reach out to for support. I feel like this is one of the most useful conferences I've done, and wish I'd done it 15 years ago, as I think about children I've seen whose mental health problems felt out of my league, and ended up on long wait lists to access help. Highly, highly recommend CanREACH.” 

Dr. Andrea Milne-Epp

(attended May 2020)

“I feel I can now treat children with mental health issues. I'm not going to cause harm, in fact not treating them will cause more harm. I know where to find help and let families and children benefit from this. It is like I have acquired a whole new language. I can not wait to use this.”

Dr. Laresa Marx

(attended May 2020)

“CanREACH was not only the best mental health conference I have attended, it should be attended by all physicians who deal with children’s mental health complaints in the province. Transformational how I will approach mental health concerns now.”

Dr. Michael From

(attended Fall 2014)

“This course empowers physicians to become and feel competent in managing these cases. The previous difficulty was because of lack of training rather than difficulty of patients. This course should be available to all Alberta physicians, and is really the only way we are going to help these patients.”

Dr. Neil Cooper

(attended Spring 2017)

“I wish I would have had the tools and confidence that I gained from CanREACH years ago. If I had, my kids and their families would not have had their treatment delayed. Well, no more! I now have the skill and ability to diagnose and treat my kids in their Medical Home. Thank you CanREACH!”

Dr. Tammy McKnight

(attended Spring 2016)

“Fabulous program. CanREACH enhanced my knowledge and confidence in treating childhood mental illness. Hands down the best CME of my career. Exceptional team.”

Dr. Janet Hanthro

(attended Spring 2018)

 “Fantastic course, in 20 years of attending conferences, this is in my top 3. I would suggest this be considered mandatory; F.P./Paediatric residents etc. should all take CanREACH. Consider pitching to the PCN’s in Alberta.”

Dr. John McSorley

(attended Fall 2014)

“What an incredible experience… it often felt like I am floating (or drowning) in a Mental Health ocean and this (CanREACH) has been my neon life preserver attached to an amazing team … Myself, and the kids in my community thank you.”

Dr. Julie Clowater

(Spring 2017)

“CanREACH is the most valuable and informative course I have ever attended. The speakers were not only very knowledgeable but also extremely approachable and a delight to react with. I have been in practice for several years but have learned new skills that would enhance the delivery of services to my patients. CanREACH is highly recommended to all physicians.”

Dr. Maya Harilal

(attended Fall 2014)

“This has been the most useful CME I have ever been to. Having the faculty experts was very valuable and I am very appreciative of their clinical insights. Very timely topic. The resources, the assessment and monitoring tools are all such valuable clinical tools.”

Dr. Andrea Cunningham

(attended Spring 2018)

“Excellent program. It is great to bridge the gap between level of the best evidence and the medical offices, the trenches of life where we meet or care for pediatric patients living with mental illness. Excellent, practical, relevant content presented with remarkable clarity.”

Dr. Daniel Dada

(attended Fall 2014)

“In my 3-years of practice as a family physician in Canada, I have always referred kids with mental health issues. With the CanREACH training, I feel confident to identify and start addressing the mental health needs of my pediatric patients. CanREACH is highly recommended for all family physicians!”

Dr. Michael Osazuwa

(attended Spring 2018)

“One of the top clinical courses I have attended in my 30-years of medicine.”

Dr. Abdul Tabani

(attended Fall 2017)

“CanREACH gave me confidence to diagnose and manage treatment of ADHD, Depression, Anxiety and comorbidities without delaying treatment by waiting for specialist consultation”

Dr. Jennifer Kavalinas

(attended Spring 2017)

“ CanREACH organized my thoughts and provided me with tools that I have really been missing in my practice.”

Dr. Jennifer Kavalinas

(attended Spring 2017)

“This course took challenging (and often nerve-wracking) clinical content, and made it approachable and practical through excellent content, memorable presentations, active participant role-playing and great resources, all delivered by superb faculty!”

Dr. Dan Ross

(attended Fall 2014)

“Wow, I am so excited to implement what I have learnt in to my family practice. My patients will be so much better served.”

Dr. Olga de Santctis

(attended Fall 2016)

“CanREACH is well thought out and contains components (intensive training and longitudinal case conferences) that promote long-term change.”

Dr. Evelyn Ma

(attended Fall 2016)

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