Patient-Centered Mental Health in Paediatric Primary Care

CanREACH offers a Continued Medical Education training program called the PPP: “Patient-Centered Mental Health in Paediatric Primary Care”. This mini-fellowship training program was developed and licensed by The REACH Institute: http://thereachinstitute.org/ and CanREACH is pleased to be REACH approved to independently offer this specialized training locally in Alberta.

The “Patient-Centered Mental Health in Pediatric Primary Care” (PPP) consists of an intensive 3-day in-person course, followed by 6-months of clinical case-based coaching via teleconference aimed to transform primary care practices, increase productivity, and improve work satisfaction.

Statistics from the first cohort of participants found a 92% increase in confidence in the area of child and adolescent mental health with 100% reporting that they would change their practice! 

Here are some direct quotes from your colleagues who have participated in the CanREACH Program, including the PPP Fellowship

What are people saying?

Wow, I am so excited to implement what I have learnt in to my family practice. My patients will be so much better served
Dr. Olga de Santctis
attended Fall 2016
This is one of the best workshops I have had the opportunity to attend! Very applicable and relevant for: family doctors, paediatricians, psychologists, social workers, and nurse practitioners. Thanks for an amazing weekend!
Angela Lockert
attended Fall 2014
From start to finish, CanREACH is unbelievably amazing. It has really broadened my horizons; the best!
Dr. Deshni Naidoo
attended Spring 2016
CanREACH was not only the best mental health conference I have attended, it should be attended by all physicians who deal with children’s mental health complaints in the province. Transformational is how I will approach mental health concerns
Dr. Michael From
attended Fall 2014
This course took challenging (and often nerve-wracking) clinical content, and made it approachable and practical through excellent content, memorable presentations, active participant role-playing and great resources, all delivered by superb faculty!
Dr. Dan Ross
attended Fall 2014
Excellent program. It is great to seek to bridge the gap between level of the best evidence and the medical offices, the trenches of life where we meet or care for pediatric patients living with mental illness. Excellent, practical, relevant content presented with remarkable clarity. The faculty are friendly and communicate clearly and passionately in providing guidance, knowledge, and skills
Dr. Daniel Dada
attended Fall 2014
Great course! I feel much more comfortable with paediatric mental health issues!
Lori Walker
attended Fall 2014
This is the most valuable and informative course I have ever attended. The speakers were not only very knowledgeable but also extremely approachable and a delight to react with. I have been in practice for several years but have learned new skills that would enhance the delivery of services to my patients. This course is highly recommended to physicians involved in behavarial mental health issues in children.
Maya Harilal
attended Fall 2014
Not a typical CME – Lots of role playing to illustrate important points which are very interactive; this approach holds ones’ attention much more than didactic approach. Greatly appreciated this approach! Greatly appreciated the focus on communication, family/patient/Dr’s interaction. This would be wonderful for residents and should be incorporated into medical training! Thanks, Excellent; all Docs should take this!
Penny Borghesan
attended Fall 2014
Fantastic course, in 20 years of attending conferences, this is in my top 3. I would suggest this be considered mandatory; F.P./Paediatric residents etc. should be here. Consider pitching to the PCN’s
John McSorley
attended Fall 2014
The curriculum is well thought out and contains components (intensive training and longitudinal case conferences) that promote long-term change.
Dr. Evelyn Ma
Excellent training for GP’s who always struggle to start stimulants/SSRI to their younger patients. I will highly recommend this training to all GP’s.
Dr.Fozia Alvi
A comprehensive evidence based approach to manage the most commonly encountered mental health problems associated with children’s mental health.
Leonard De Freitas
attended Spring 2016
CanREACH organized my thoughts and provided me with tools that I have really been missing in my practice.
Dr. Ezaydi Murad
attended Fall 2015
I wish I would have had the tools and confidence that I gained from CanREACH years ago. If I had, my kids and their families would not have had their treatment delayed. Well, no more! I now have the skill and ability to diagnose and treat my kids in their Medical Home. Thank you!
Dr. Tammy McKnight
attended Spring 2016

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