Promoting Mental Health in Primary Care

Canreach Trained Practitioners

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Alberta Trained: 

Family Physicians
Dr. Fozia AlviFamily PhysicianHighland PCNAirdrie
Dr. Sadhana (Mindy) GautamaFamily PhysicianHighland PCNAirdrie
Dr. Emmanuel GyeFamily PhysicianHighland PCNAirdrie
Dr. Tammy Paulgaard-McKnightFamily PhysicianHighland PCNAirdrie
Dr. John McSorleyFamily PhysicianHighland PCNAirdrie
Dr. Eyitope O RobertsFamily PhysicianNoneAirdrie
Dr. Jacqueline StewartFamily PhysicianSouth Calgary PCNAirdrie
Dr. Elizabeth van RooyenFamily Physician NoneAirdrie
Dr. Michelle ParadisFamily Physician HighlandAirdrie
Dr. Daphne UdujiFamily PhysicianHighlandAirdrie
Dr. Ojiako StanleyFamily physician Highland PCNAirdrie
Dr. Vitesh SheopershadFamily PhysicianHighland PCNAirdrie
Other Professionals
Naoto SuzukiPsychologistHighlandAirdrie
Shams Lalani Mental Health ClinicianNoneAirdrie
Dr. Shaheena KassamPsychologistHighland PCNAirdrie
Simone McKayNurse Practitioner HighlandAirdrie
Family Physicians
Dr. Glen ArmstrongFamily PhysicianSaddle HillsBeaverlodge
Family Physicians
Dr. Lindsay SwintonFamily Physician Chinook PCNBlairmore
Family Physicians
Dr. Cobus MullerFamily PhysicianNoneBonnyville
Dr. Joel Cadrin Family Physician Bonnyville PCNBonnyville 
Dr. Jonathon BarnardFamily PhysicianBonnyville PCNBonnyville
Dr. Kai-Ting YangFamily PhysicianBonnyville PCNBonnyville
Dr. Kelly CardeanoFamily Physician NoneBonnyville 
Dr. Leigh-Ann SmithFamily PhysicianBonnyville PCNBonnyville
Dr. Leonard deFreitasFamily PhysicianBonnyville PCNBonnyville
Dr. PJ van der WattFamily PhysicianNoneBonnyville
Dr. Stephan PalkowskiFamily PhysicianBonnyville PCNBonnyville
Dr. Tarrine Van DeventerFamily PhysicianBonnyville PCNBonnyville
Nurse Practitioners
Amy RegnierNurseNoneBonnyville
Chantal ValleeNurse PracticionerNoneBonnyville
Family Physicians
Dr. May MonesFamily PhysicianCalgary Foothills PCNBragg Creek
Dr. Nathalie De Bruin Family PhysicianCalgary West Central PCNBragg Creek
Family Physician
Dr. Carrie AbrahamsonFamily PhysicianCalgary West Central PCNCalgary
Dr. Andrea CullighamFamily Physician South Calgary PCNCalgary
Dr. Anupinder (Andie) BainsFamily PhysicianCalgary Foothills PCNCalgary
Dr. Jane BallantineFamily PhysicianCalgary West Central PCNCalgary
Dr. Barbara ScurfieldFamily Physician NoneCalgary
Dr. Sanjeev BhatiaFamily PhysicianCalgary Foothills PCNCalgary
Dr. Elaine S BlandFamily PhysicianCalgary FoothillsCalgary
Dr. Penny BorghesanFamily PhysicianSouth Calgary PCNCalgary
Dr. Ibiye BriggsFamily PhysicianHighland PCNCalgary
Dr. Chinyem DzawandaFamily physicianSouth Calgary PCNCalgary
Dr. Margaret ChurcherFamily PhysicianMoasic PCNCalgary
Dr. Cindy LandyFamily Physician South Calgary PCNCalgary
Dr. Daniel DadaFamily PhysicianWest Central PCNCalgary
Dr. Olga De SanctisFamily PhysicianCalgary Foothills PCNCalgary
Dr. Giselle DeVetten  Family PhysicianMosaic PCNCalgary
Dr. Michelle DeyholosFamily PhysicianCalgary Foothills PCNCalgary
Dr. Sholeh DezfuliFamily PhysicianCalgary Foothills PCNCalgary
Dr. Ramninder DhillonFamily PhysicianCalgary Foothills PCNCalgary
Dr. Remo Di PalmaFamily PhysicianCalgary Foothills PCNCalgary
Dr. Laura EvansFamily PhysicianNoneCalgary
Dr. Murad EzaydiFamily PhysicianSouth Calgary PCNCalgary
Dr. Paula FayermanFamily PhysicianNoneCalgary
Dr. Marnie FothergillFamily PhysicanWest Central PCNCalgary
Dr. Karen GiangFamily PhysicianMosaic PCNCalgary
Dr. Nora HagenFamily MedicineNoneCalgary
Dr. Bijan HamidiFamily PhysicianCalgary Foothills PCNCalgary
Dr. Catherine HeimbachFamily PhysicianCalgary West Central PCNCalgary
Dr. Janet HanthoFamily Physician Calgary West Central PCNCalgary
Dr. Jazmin MarlingaFamily PhysicianMosaic PCNCalgary
Dr. Jennifer KavalinasFamily PhysicianCalgary West Central PCNCalgary
Dr. Ahmar KhanFamily PhysicianHighland PCNCalgary
Dr. Farhan KhanFamily PhysicianCalgary Foothills PCNCalgary
Dr. Jana KrajbichFamily PhysicianSouth Calgary PCNCalgary
Dr. Evelyn MaFamily PhysicianSouth Calgary PCNCalgary
Dr. Glenda MacleanFamily PhysicianCalgary West Central PCNCalgary
Dr. Mohammed MaseehuddinFamily physicianSouth Calgary PCNCalgary
Dr. Michael OsazuwaFamily PhysicianMosaic PCNCalgary
Dr. Vanessa MillarFamily PhysicianSouth Calgary PCNCalgary
Dr. Kiran MinhasFamily PhysicanMoasic PCNCalgary
Dr. Linda MoffordFamily PhysicianCalgary Foothills PCNCalgary
Dr. Cale MooreFamily PhysicianCalgary Foothills PCNCalgary
Dr. Lisa MorrisonFamily PhysicianCalgary Foothills PCNCalgary
Dr. Khalid MusaFamily PhysicianMosaic PCNCalgary
Dr. Margaret (Maggie) NaylorFamily PhysicianCalgary Foothills PCNCalgary
Dr. Omran MirFamily PhysicianMosaic PCNCalgary
Dr. Oluwaseun OyeniranFamily PhysicianCalgary Foothills PCNCalgary
Dr. Vicki PenneyFamily PhysicianSouth Calgary PCNCalgary
Dr. Deb PutnamFamily PhysicianCalgary West Central PCNCalgary
Dr. Katherine ReimerFamily PhysicianCalgary Foothills PCNCalgary
Dr. Famina RemtullaFamily PhysicianCalgary Foothills PCNCalgary
Dr. Lisa RetzerFamily PhysicianCalgary West Central PCNCalgary
Dr. Kerryn RobergeFamily PhysicianCalgary Foothills PCNCalgary
Dr. Dan RossFamily PhysicianSouth Calgary PCNCalgary
Dr. Therese SegediFamily PhysicianCalgary West Central PCNCalgary
Dr. Ashima SharmaFamily PhysicianCalgary Foothills PCNCalgary
Dr. Sher ClainFamily PhysicianNoneCalgary
Dr. Sangeeve SockanathanFamily PhysicianCalgary Foothills PCNCalgary
Dr. Lisa StevensonFamily PhysicianCalgary West Central PCNCalgary
Dr. Maria StevensonFamily PhysicianCalgary Foothills PCNCalgary
Dr. Rannie TaoFamily PhysicianCalgary Foothills PCNCalgary
Dr. Angela TarazonaFamily PhysicianNoneCalgary
Dr. Heather TaylorFamily PhysicianCalgary Foothills PCNCalgary
Dr. Agnes ThompsonFamily PhysicianCalgary Foothills PCNCalgary
Dr. Frances VettergreenFamily PhysicianCalgary West Central PCNCalgary
Dr. Suzanne WalshFamily PhysicianMosaic PCNCalgary
Dr. Kiely WilliamsFamily PhysicianNoneCalgary
Dr. Angela WoollerFamily PhysicianSouth Calgary PCNCalgary
Dr. William WuFamily PhysicianNoneCalgary
Dr. Nan YangFamily PhysicianHighland PCNCalgary
Dr. Kathleen YoungFamily PhysicianCalgary Foothills PCNCalgary
Dr. Mukarram ZaidiFamily PhysicianNoneCalgary
Dr. Namrala ToorFamily PhysicianMoasic PCNCalgary
Dr. Harpreet AuylaFamily PhysicianMosaic PCNCalgary
Dr. Heather ArmsonFamily PhysicianNoneCalgary
Dr. Zahida Perveen AwanFamily PhysicianNoneCalgary
Dr. Shamaila ZulqarnainFamily PhysicianMosaic PCNCalgary
Dr. Taffeta FittererFamily PhysicianNoneCalgary
Dr. Amaresh Swaro Family PhysicianCalgary Foothills PCNCalgary
Dr. Ayesha AsherFamily PhysicianSouth Calgary PCNCalgary
Dr. Clark SvrcekFamily PhysicianSouth Calgary PCNCalgary
Dr. Mahjabeen HussainFamily PhysicianCalgary West Central PCNCalgary
Dr. Lynne MurfinFamily PhysicianNoneCalgary
Dr. Joanna MishFamily PhysicianCalgary West Central PCNCalgary
Dr. Joyce ChuFamily PhysicianMosaic PCNCalgary
Dr. Diana CunninghamFamily PhysicianMosaicCalgary
Dr. Inoka AmarakoneFamily PhysicianSouth Calgary PCNCalgary
Dr. Malgorzata EjsmontFamily PhysicianCalgary FoothillsCalgary
Dr. Mina DerakhshanFamily PhysicianCalgary West- central Calgary
Dr. Rashid MalikFamily PhysicianMosaicCalgary
Dr. Alexia SchneiderFamily PhysicanRural PCNCalgary
Dr. Elize BarnardFamily PhysicianSouth Calgary PCNCalgary
Dr. Saadia Qaiser Family PhysicianMosaicCalgary
Dr. Saumya SelvarajFamily PhysicianCalgary West CentralCalgary
Dr. Siew Wan TanFamily PhysicianWest CentralCalgary
Dr. Michaela IversonFamily PhysicianNoneCalgary
Dr. Alex WongFamily PhysicianCalgary West Central (CWC-PCN)Calgary
Dr. Carolyn  NowryFamily PhysicianMosaic PCNCalgary
Dr. Danny Zimmerman Family PhysicianFoothills (CF-PCN)Calgary
Dr. Michelle KlassenFamily PhysicianFoothills (CF-PCN)Calgary
Dr. Natasha HirawanFamily PhysicianHighland PCNCalgary
Dr. Nesrin Yakout Family PhysicianFoothills (CF-PCN)Calgary
Dr. Sabiha RehanFamily PhysicianCalgary West Central (CW-PCN)Calgary
Dr. Sarah ElliottFamily Physiciann/aCalgary
Dr. Shannon PfeifferFamily PhysicianCalgary West Central (CWC-PCN)Calgary
Family Medicine Residents
Dr. Diana WilkinsonFamily Medicine ResidentNoneCalgary
Dr. Amanda MarchakFamily Medicine ResidentNoneCalgary
Nurse Practicioner/Nurse
Marie GrisbrookNurse PracticionerNoneCalgary
Mandy KarrNurseNoneCalgary
Angela LockertNurse PracticionerNoneCalgary
Veronika RogalskyNurse Practitioner Mosaic PCNCalgary
Christina ZaganelliNurse PractionerNoneCalgary
Niki VanStadenNursen/aCalgary
Dr. Robert ShyleykoPaediatricianNONECalgary
Dr. Wifaq Al ShaibaniPaediatricianCalgary Foothills PCNCalgary
Dr. Heidi AngelesPaediatricianMosaic PCNCalgary
Dr. Cara GilmanPaediatricianCalgary West Central PCNCalgary
Dr. Amy ChowPaediatricianCalgary West Central PCNCalgary
Dr. Deanna CookPaediatricianNoneCalgary
Dr. Neil CooperPaediatricianCalgary West Central PCNCalgary
Dr. Darrell PalmerPaediatricianCalgary West Central PCNCalgary 
Dr. Aamir DaudPaediatricianNoneCalgary
Dr. Kirsten EbbertPaediatricianCalgary West Central PCNCalgary
Dr. Emilia PopsorPaediatricianMosaic PCNCalgary
Dr. Dominique EustacePaediatricianNoneCalgary
Dr. Geraldine FarrellyPaediatricianNoneCalgary
Dr. Roxanne GoldadePaediatricianSouth Calgary PCNCalgary
Dr. Kathryn HluchyPaediatricianNoneCalgary
Dr. Renee JacksonPaediatricianCalgary Foothills PCNCalgary
Dr. Sangeeta JainPaediatricianNoneCalgary
Dr. Jennifer LanderoPaediatricianCalgary West Central PCNCalgary
Dr. Catherine MacNeilPaediatricianNoneCalgary
Dr. Laura MilesPaediatricianCalgary Foothills PCNCalgary
Dr. Danielle NelsonPaediatricianCalgary Foothills PCNCalgary
Dr. Steven OlliverPaediatricianCalgary Foothills PCNCalgary
Dr. Billie ParsleyPaediatricianCalgary Foothills PCNCalgary
Dr. Jody PatrickPaediatricianCalgary Foothills PCNCalgary
Dr. Melanie PurtzkiPaediatricianSouth Calgary PCNCalgary
Dr. Asma QuadirPaediatricianMosaic PCNCalgary
Dr. Laine RacherPaediatricianNoneCalgary
Dr. Nadira RashidPaediatricianCalgary West Central PCNCalgary
Dr. Shirley ChanPaediatricianMosiac PCNCalgary
Dr. Sharron SpicerPaediatricianNoneCalgary
Dr. Tracy TaylorPaediatricianNoneCalgary
Dr. Rafiaa ValjiPaediatricianNoneCalgary
Dr. Ellie VyverPaediatricianNoneCalgary
Dr. Lori WalkerPaediatricianCalgary West Central PCNCalgary
Dr. Byron WongPaediatricianCalgary Foothills PCNCalgary
Dr. Desiree YowPaediatricianCalgary West Central PCNCalgary
Dr. Shaila ZaverPaediatricianSouth Calgary PCNCalgary
Dr. Helen ZhaoPaediatricianCalgary Foohills PCNCalgary
Dr. Ciara ChamberlainPaediatricianCalgary West Central PCNCalgary
Dr. Cody Doran FlexhaugPaediatricianCalgary West Central PCNCalgary
Dr. Melissa GrossPaediatrician NoneCalgary 
Dr. Salam Al-JubouriPaediatricianN/ACalgary
Paediatrician Resident
Dr. Sara JassemiPaediatrics ResidentNoneCalgary
Dr. Kate MaclellanPaediatrics ResidentNoneCalgary
Other Medical Specialists
Dr. Alexandra Di NinnoSpecialist – Child and Adolescent PsychiatristNoneCalgary
Dr. Colleen CurtisSpecialist – Pediatric NeurologistNoneCalgary
Dr. Kerryn CarterSpecialist – AnesthesiologistNoneCalgary
Dr. Peter FarranSpecialist – AnesthesiologistNoneCalgary
Dr. Navkiran BawaSpecialist – PsychiatristNoneCalgary
Dr. Joan BesantSpecialist – Consulting PsychiatristNoneCalgary
Dr. Sam ChangSpecialist – Child and Adolescent PsychiatristNoneCalgary
Dr. Allan DonskySpecialist – PsychiatristNoneCalgary
Dr. Vithya GnanakumarSpecialist – RehabilitationNoneCalgary
Dr. Nivez RasicSpecialist – AnesthesiologistNoneCalgary
Dr. Michelle Jackman Specialists – Pediatrics NoneCalgary
Dr. Carl AdrianSpecialist – PsychiatristNoneCalgary
Dr. Abdul RahmanSpecialist – Child and Adolescent PsychiatristNoneCalgary
Dr. Blair RitchieSpecialist – Child and Adolescent PsychiatristNoneCalgary
Dr. Huntae KimSpecialists – Resident PsychiatristNoneCalgary 
Dr. Michael Papirny, MichaelSpecialist – PsychiatristNoneCalgary
Dr. Nina GudeonSpecialist – Child and Adolescent PsychiatristNoneCalgary 
Allied Health Professionals
Lindsay Hope- RossClinical Consultant, HMHC AHSNoneCalgary
Dr. Eden McCaffreyProject Lead, Mental Health Literacy NoneCalgary
Andrea PerriDirector – AHSNoneCalgary
Andrew BaxterProject Lead, Mental Health LiteracyNoneCalgary
Heidi C Van HeePharmacist NoneCalgary
Shayna JacksonClinical Consultant, HMHC AHSNoneCalgary
Katherine (Kathy) JarrellClinical Consultant, HMHC AHSNoneCalgary
Lana DunnManager – AHSNoneCalgary
Claudine Lang-HodgePharmacist NoneCalgary
Lindsay GoodsResource TeacherNoneCalgary
Angela LounsberryClinical Consultant, HMHC AHSNoneCalgary
Chennene WrightFamily CounsellorNoneCalgary
Sheena StevensClinical Consultant, HMHC AHSNoneCalgary
Margaret TaylorClinical Consultant, HMHC AHSNoneCalgary
Deborah WalchukClinical Consultant, HMHC AHSNoneCalgary
Bobby-Jo GaetzPsychologist – AHSNoneCalgary
Dr. Cheryl Gilbert MacleodPsychologistNoneCalgary 
Dr. Lynne GoertzenPsychologistMosaic PCNCalgary
Tina ParsonsPsychologist – AHSNoneCalgary
Shannon Mitchell-FlekPsychologistNoneCalgary
Family Physicians
Dr. Chun Chang HuangFamily Physician Camrose PCNCamrose
Dr. Charley BoydFamily PhysicianCentralCamrose
Dr. Lioba RedelPaediatricianRural PCNCanmore
Dr. Dale RobertsonPaediatricianBow Valley PCNCanmore
Nurse Practicioner/Nurses
Lisette LockyerNurse PracticionerNoneCanmore 
Deborah F. PaceClinical Consultant, HMHC AHSNoneCardston
Dr. Lana FehrFamily PhysicianRural PCNCarseland
Dr. Michael FromFamily PhysicianHighland PCNCarstairs
Dr. David VermaakFamily PhysicianRural PCNChestermere
Dr. Lynne VermaakFamily PhysicianRural PCNChestermere
Family Physician
Dr. Michelle LehmkuhlFamily PhysicianNoneCochrane 
Dr. Jaimala MaharajFamily PhysicianCalgary Foothills PCNCochrane
Dr. Tina NicholsonFamily PhysicianCalgary Foothills PCNCochrane
Dr. Don PunchFamily PhysicianCalgary Foothills PCNCochrane
Dr. Mike ThompsonFamily PhysicianCalgary Foothills PCNCochrane
Dr. Helen Davis-HerdmanFamily PhysicianCalgary Foothills PCNCochrane
Dr. Tanya Weideman Family PhysicianCalgary Foothills PCNCochrane
Dr. Jesse GabelFamily PhysicianCalgary Foothills PCNCochrane
Dr. Meghan ElkinkFamily PhysicianNoneCochraine
Dr. Jennifer CorralesFamily Physician Calgary Foothills PCNCochrane
Other Proffessionals
Jordis GhesegerNurseHighland PCNCochrane
Peggy SchollerNurseCalgary Foothills PCNCochrane
Nurse Practitioner/Nurse
Jennifer CoryNurse PractitionerNoneCold Lake 
Dr. Noelle OriordanFamily PhysicianBig Country PCNCoronation
Family Physicians
Dr. Nazish AamerFamily PhysicianDayslandDaysland
Family Physicians
Dr. Donovan NunweilerFamily PhysicianPalliser PCNDesert Blume
Family Physicians
Dr. Saqib MirzaFamily PhysicianCalgary West Central PCNDewinton 
Dr. Nasim KarimFamily PhysicianMosaic PCNDewinton
Family Physicians
Dr. Amna AliFamily PhysicianDrayton ValleyDrayton Valley
Dr. Rafaqat AliFamily PhysiciansDrayton ValleyDrayton Valley
Dr. Joel GiddeyFamily PhysicianDrayton Valley PCNDrayton Valley
Family Physicians
Dr. Natasha CameronFamily PhysicianEdmonton Southside PCNEdmonton
Dr. Adam Burgess Family PhysicianEdmonton Southside PCNEdmonton
Dr. Anne KittlerFamily PhysicianEdmonton Southside PCNEdmonton
Dr. Amr DoniaFamily PhysicianNoneEdmonton
Dr. Candy MarcetFamily physicianEdmonton Southside PCNEdmonton  
Dr. Chi OtitojuFamily PhysicianEdmonton West PCNEdmonton
Dr. Danielle MichaelsFamily PhysicianEdmonton Southside PCNEdmonton  
Dr. Ezekiel Eranmosele OniFamily PhysicianNoneEdmonton
Dr. Gurkirti BrarFamily Physician NoneEdmonton
Dr. Irene CollitonFamily PhysicianEdmonton PCNEdmonton
Dr.Janice ZielinskiFamily Physician Edmonton Southside PCNEdmonton
Dr. Jeff ShmoorkoffFamily PhysicianEdmonton West PCNEdmonton 
Dr. Julia ChronopoulosFamily PhysicianEdmonton Oliver PCNEdmonton 
Dr. Kim KellyFamily PhysicianNoneEdmonton
Dr. Nirmala brarFamily PhysicianEdmonton Southside PCNEdmonton
Dr. Oksana BoychukFamily PhysicianNoneEdmonton
Dr. Olajide DurojayeFamily PhysicianEdmonton North PCN Edmonton
Dr. Samia TasneemFamily Physician Edmonton North PCN Edmonton
Dr. Sheri KlassenFamily PhysicianNoneEdmonton
Dr. Sinead CooneyFamily PhysicianSherwood ParkEdmonton
Dr. Karen LibschFamily PhysicianEdmonton West (EWPCN)Edmonton
Dr. Doug KleinFamily PhysicianOliver PCNEdmonton
Dr. Robert HauptmanFamily PhysicianSt. AlbertEdmonton
Dr. Ghalib AhmedFamily PhysicianEdmonton SouthEdmonton
Dr. Marwan Al-DooriFamily PhysicianEdmonton SouthEdmonton
Dr. Dalia AbdellatifFamily PhysicianEdmonton NorthEdmonton
Dr. Andrea Milne-EppFamily Physician Oliver PCNEdmonton
Dr. Margaret McPhedranFamily PhysicianOliver PCNEdmonton
Dr. Irene ShenoudaFamily PhysicianBig CountryEdmonton
Dr. Diana HongFamily Physician Edmonton NorthEdmonton
Dr. Abbeir HusseinPaediatricianNoneEdmonton 
Dr. Abdelblaset ElsawiniyaPaediatricianNoneEdmonton 
Dr. Ahmed HamoudAliPaediatricianNoneEdmonton
Dr. Alicja JanickaPaediatricianNoneEdmonton 
Dr. Aysel AuerPaediatricianNoneEdmonton 
Dr. Cecilia BaxterPaediatricianNoneEdmonton
Dr. Chantelle ChampagnePaediatricianNoneEdmonton 
Dr. Dawn-Ellen YoungPaediatricianNoneEdmonton 
Dr. Edwin Bolster PaediatricianNoneEdmonton  
Dr. Eileen EstrabilloPaediatricianNoneEdmonton  
Dr. Fareeha NasirPaediatricianNoneEdmonton  
Dr. Faria AjamianPaediatricianEdmonton Oliver PCNEdmonton  
Dr. Georgeta ApostolPaediatricianNoneEdmonton
Dr. Ghassan Al-NaamiPaediatricianNoneEdmonton  
Dr. Gordana Djordjevic PaediatricianEdmonton North PCN Edmonton
Dr. Heather LeonardPaediatricianNoneEdmonton 
Dr. Jacqueline Lee PaediatricianNoneEdmonton
Dr. Joel SemeniukPaediatricianNoneEdmonton  
Dr. Kalfalla Zubi PaediatricianEdmonton Oliver PCNEdmonton  
Dr. Kiran TalwarPaediatricianNoneEdmonton  
Dr. Leigh WincottPaediatricianNoneEdmonton
Dr. Leila Zeineddine PaediatricianOtherEdmonton
Dr. Lisa LemieuxPaediatricianNoneEdmonton  
Dr. Lois SimPaediatricianEdmonton West PCNEdmonton  
Dr. Lola BaydalaPaediatricianNoneEdmonton  
Dr. Lynn JacobyPaediatricianNoneEdmonton  
Dr. Manisha WitmansPaediatricianNoneEdmonton  
Dr. Michele Harvey-BlankneshipPaediatricianNoneEdmonton  
Dr. Mohamed El-KallaPaediatricianNoneEdmonton
Dr. Mona ZhangPaediatricianNoneEdmonton  
Dr. Moses AboboPaediatricianNoneEdmonton  
Dr. Sabrina EliasonPaediatricianNoneEdmonton  
Dr. Sadia NakhudaPaediatricianNoneEdmonton  
Dr. Sarah FosterPaediatricianNoneEdmonton  
Dr. Scot LappaPaediatricianNoneEdmonton  
Dr. Stephanie PauPaediatricianNoneEdmonton
Dr. Tami MastersonPaediatricianSouthside PCNEdmonton
Dr. Fanny Lacelle-WebsterPaediatricianNoneEdmonton 
Dr. Thea ChibukPaediatricianNoneEdmonton 
Dr. Hasmukhlal RajaniPaediatricianEdmonton NorthEdmonton
Dr. Jana SperkaPaediatricianNoneEdmonton
Dr. Jay PatidarPaediatricianNoneEdmonton
Dr. Jennifer LoPaediatricianNoneEdmonton
Dr. Jihan ElsayedPaediatricianEdmontonEdmonton
Dr. Julia DragerPaediatricianNoneEdmonton
Dr. Kan C LeePaediatricianNoneEdmonton
Dr. Lourdes GunaratnamPaediatricianNoneEdmonton
Dr. Micheal BowmanPaediatricianNoneEdmonton
Dr. Evan HarrisPaediatricianNoneEdmonton  
Dr. John TeohPaediatricianN/AEdmonton
Dr. Angela AntoniukPaediatricianN/AEdmonton
Dr. Darlene PonPaediatricianEdmontonEdmonton
Dr. Carrie SlatterPaediatricianEdmontonEdmonton
Dr. Katherine DohertyPediatriciann/aEdmonton
Dr. Marcela BarahonaPediatriciann/aEdmonton
Other Medical Specialists
Dr. Alex JackmanPediatric ResidentNoneEdmonton 
Dr. Alexandra RydzPaediatric ResidentNoneEdmonton
Dr. Alice LeungSpecialist – Child and Adolescent PsychiatristNoneEdmonton
Dr. Gary S Hnatko Specialist – PsychiatristNoneEdmonton
Huma ShaireenClinical AssistantEdmontonEdmonton
Dr. Kelly MacGregorMedical ResidentSouthside PCNEdmonton
Dr. Michael Levinsky Specialist – Child and Adolescent PsychiatristNoneEdmonton
Dr. Paul Randal Soper Specialist – Child and Adolescent PsychiatristNoneEdmonton
Dr. Sean BryanPediatric ResidentNoneEdmonton   
Dr. Heidi WilkesOther Specialist (psychiatrist)NoneEdmonton
Dr. Kate ChildsPsychologistNoneEdmonton
Allied Health Professionals
Aman ThindNurseNoneEdmonton
Anne DmytryshynNurse PractitionerNoneEdmonton
Elizabeth FosterNurseNoneEdmonton
Laura JurasekNurse PractitionerSherwood Park PCNEdmonton
Wendy UrnessNurseNoneEdmonton
Stephanie McConnellNurseNoneEdmonton
Ann EddyNurseN/AEdmonton
Rochelle YoungNurse PractitionerN/AEdmonton
Alison  Scholes PhamNurse Edmonton
Kristen DykalskiNurseN/AEdmonton
Lori Daverne Registered NurseEWPCNEdmonton
Miriam NeufeldNurse PractitionerKalynaEdmonton
Family Physicians
Dr. Catherine RoderFamily PhysicianMcleod River PCNEdson
Family Physicians
Dr. Mobina ChaudrhyFamily PhysicianWood BuffaloFort McMurray
Dr. Alnura AkanayevaPaediatricianNoneFort McMurray
Family Physicians
Dr. Johanna CilliersFamily Physician Mcleod RiverFox Creek
Family Physicians
Dr. Esther BarnardFamily PhysicianBighorn PCNGrande Cache
Dr. John GilletFamily Physiciann/a Grande Cache
Family Physicians
Dr. Olubukola MaxwellFamily PhysicianGrand PrairieGrand Prairie
Dr. Dulynn HastingsFamily PhysicianRural (Rural PCN)High River
Family Physicians
Dr. Elizabeth WeningerFamily Physician Bighorn PCNHinton 
Dr. Alix BlackshawFamily PhysicianBighornHinton 
Family Physicians
Dr. Florentina DutaFamily PhysicianSaddle HillsHythe
Dr. Camellia Presley Family PhysicianSaddle HillsHythe
Family Physicians
Dr. Brendan CurrinFamily PhysicianPalliser PCNLake Newell Resort
Family Physicians
Dr. Jana HoldenFamily Physician Leduc Beaumont Devon PCNLeduc 
Dr. Alida vanHeerdenFamily PhysicianLeduc Beaumont Devon PCNLeduc 
Allied Health Professionals
Rasheal Charles Mental Health Clinician, Practice LeadLeduc Beaumont Devon PCNLeduc 
Sara GabrielBehavioural Heath ConsultantLeduc Beaumont Devon PCNLeduc 
Susan MalekBehavioural Health ConsultantLeduc Beaumont Devon PCNLeduc 
Other Medical Specialists
Carly Bruce Psychologist Leduc Beaumont Devon PCNLeduc 
Family Physicians
Dr. Janine KarpakisFamily PhysicianChinook PCNLethbridge
Dr. Abdul Sattar TabaniFamily PhysicianChinook PCNLethbridge 
Dr. Alice BaileyFamily PhysicianChinook PCNLethbridge
Dr. John HollandPaediatricianNoneLethbridge
Dr. Maya HarilalPaediatricianNoneLethbridge
Dr. Talita A Ferreira-van der WattPaediatricianNoneLethbridge
Dr. Emmanuel ErinaughaPediatricianNoneLethbridge
Family Physicians
Dr. Roxanne SwiegersFamily PhysicianRural PCNMedicine Hat
Dr. Nicoelle WannerFamily PhysicianPalliser PCNMedicine Hat
Dr. Gerard Thomas AmannaFamily PhysicianNoneMedicine Hat
Dr. Gloria TainshFamily Physician Palliser PCNMedicine Hat
Dr. Scott MalmbergFamily PhysicianNoneMedicine Hat
Dr. Anthony Bella Family PhysicianPalliser PCNMedicine Hat
Dr. Bobbi-Jo WhitfieldFamily PhysicianPalliser PCNMedicine Hat
Dr. Edwin JordanFamily PhysicianPalliser PCNMedicine Hat
Dr. Jeff JensonFamily PhysicianPalliser PCNMedicine Hat
Dr. Carly CreweFamily PhysicianPeaks to Prairies PCNMedicine Hat
Dr. Ahed IsaPaediatricianNoneMedicine Hat
Dr. Vanessa OrregoPaediatricianNoneMedicine Hat
Dr. Minati DeviPaediatricianNoneMedicine Hat
Dr. Norina FidaPaediatricianNoneMedicine Hat
Dr. Rehab Abdel-HamidPaediatricianNoneMedicine Hat
Dr. Charlotte FoulstonPaediatriciann/aMedicine Hat
Dr. Muhammad AshrafPaediatricianPalliser PCNMedicine Hat
Other Professionals
Jillian Dickhaut Allied Health, TherapistNoneMedicine Hat 
Lee ShewardCliinic SupervisorNoneMedicine Hat 
Greg GodardPsychologistNoneMedicine Hat
Linda LangevinAllied Health, TherapistNoneMedicine Hat 
Linda Krochak PsychologistNoneMedicine Hat 
Carla SternPsychologistNoneMedicine Hat
Dr. Angela Irvine Psychologistn/aMedicine Hat
Cara MatthewsNursen/aMedicine Hat
Family Physician
Dr. Ana-Maria OelschigFamily PhysicianRural PCNOkotoks
Dr. Anton NelFamily PhysicianRural PCNOkotoks
Dr. Gloria MazloumFamily PhysicianRural PCNOkotoks
Dr. Janna Van TonderFamily PhysicianRural PCNOkotoks
Dr. Simon JamesFamily PhysicianRural PCNOkotoks
Dr. Frank FriesenPaediatricianRural PCNOkotoks
Family Physicians
Dr. Shauna CravenFamily PhysicianHighland PCNOlds
Dr. Maria LeeFamily PhysicianPeaks to PrairiesOlds
Dr. Vicki WielengaFamily PhysicianPeaks to PrairiesOlds
Dr. Roxanne CondeFamily PhysicianNoneOyen
Family Physicians
Dr. Laresa MarxFamily PhysicianPeace RiverPeace River
Family Physicians
Dr. Tobias GelberFamily PhysicianChinook PCNPincher Creek 
Family Physicians
Dr. Rob HalseFamily PhysicianNonePonoka
Family Physicians
Dr. Mohammad Khalid ZamanFamily PhysicianCalgary Foothills PCNPriddis
Family Physicians
Dr. Christel WangFamily Physiciann/aProvost
Family Physicians
Dr. Sias GrobleFamily PhysicanNoneRed Deer
Dr. Edward OhanjaniansFamily PhysicianNoneRed Deer
Dr. Aimee Hawkins PhillpotFamily Physician Red Deer PCNRed Deer
Dr. Elsa FiedrichPaediatricianNoneRed Deer
Dr. Ernst HoppenbrouwersPaediatricianNoneRed Deer
Dr. Emmi DriedgerPaediatriciann/aRed Deer
Dr. Parimal Kanti NathPaediatricianRed Deer PCNRed Deer
Family Physicians
Dr. Christine EllisFamily PhysicianWolf CreekRimbey
Family Physicians
Dr. Nicole CardinalFamily PhysicianLakelandSaddle lake
Family Physicians
Dr. Michael DumontFamily PhysicianRural PCNSiksika
Family Physicians
Dr. Yeng ChangFamily PhysicianNoneSherwood Park
Dr. Ogonda Ada BennettSpecialist – Public Health and Preventive MedicineNoneSherwood Park 
Dr. Ruoh-Yeng ChangFamily PhysicianNoneSherwood Park
Dr. Tumurchudur MyagmarFamily Physician Sherwood Park PCNSherwood Park           
Dr. Sonnie OyamaFamily PhysicianSherwood ParkSherwood Park
Dr. osama essulFamily PhysicianSherwood ParkSherwood Park
Dr. Mossab Ramadan Taghedi Family Physician Sherwood park Sherwood Park
Other Proffessionals
Brittany SchutteNurse Sherwood Park
Family Physicians
Dr. Allan Bailey Family Physician WestView PCNSpruce Grove
Dr. Carla Laidlaw Family Physician WestView PCNSpruce Grove
Dr. Corinne PerryFamily PhysicianWestView PCNSpruce Grove
Dr. Elisabeth ThompsonFamily Physician Westview PCNSpruce Grove
Dr. Jovita Beyer Family Physician Westview PCNSpruce Grove  
Dr. Sumaya Khabuli Family PhysicianWestview PCNSpruce Grove
Dr. Suzanne SquiresFamily Physician WestView PCNSpruce Grove
Dr. Gaylene GengeFamily Physician Westview PCNSpruce Grove
Dr. Melanie CurrieFamily Physician Westview PCNSpruce Grove
Dr. Sonia FairfieldFamily PhysicianWestview PCNSpruce Grove
Other Proffessionals
Linda Wonitoway-RawNurse PractitionerWestView PCNSpruce Grove
Family Physicians
Dr. Samantha HorveyFamily PhysicianSt. Albert PCNSt. Albert 
Dr. Shameem ShakerFamily Physician St.Albert Sturgeon PCNSt. Albert
Dr. Branda D’Souza Singh PaediatricianSt. Albert PCNSt. Albert
Family Physicians
Dr. Darren Horney Family PhysicianWestview PCNStony Plain 
Family Physicians
Dr. Orna McLaughlinFamily PhysicianRural PCNStrathmore
Family Physicians
Dr. Juliet FairfaxFamily PhysicianBig Country PCNStettler
Family Physicians
Dr. Jena SmithFamily PhysicianPeaks to Prairies PCNSundre
Family Physicians
Dr. Islam ElawadlyFamily PhysicianAspenSwan Hills
Family Physicians
Dr. Sereyrath NgethFamily PhysicianRed DeerSylvan Lake
Dr. Darren BugbeeFamily PhysicianWolf Creek PCNSylvan Lake
Family Physicians
Dr. Martinus ReedykFamily PhysicianBig Country PCNThree Hills
Other Professionals
Christopher  MahNurseBig Country PCNThree Hills
Family Physicians
Dr. Beren HollinsFamily PhysicianRural PCNVegreville
Dr. Deshni NaidooFamily PhysicianRural PCNVegreville
Other Professionals
Lynette AdamsonNurseNoneVegeville
Family Physicians
Dr. Deborah  Jeffery Family PhysicianWetaskiwin PCNWetaskiwin
Family Physicians
Dr. Joseph OjedokunFamily PhysicianMcleod River PCNWhitecourt
Dr. Jane OjedokunFamily PhysicianMcleod River PCNWhitecourt
Dr. Craig HodgsonFamily PhysicianMcleod River PCNWhitecourt
Dr. Sara CitronPediatricianNoneWhitehorse

British Columbia Trained: 

Manitoba Trained: 

Ontario Trained: 

Saskatchewan Trained: 

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