The Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation (ACHF) funded a Mental Health Literacy initiative through Alberta Health Services, resulting in programs MORE, SMILES, and CanREACH joining the AHS portfolio CAAMHPP (Child and Adolescent Addiction, Mental Health and Psychiatry Program) in 2014. Of these initiatives, CanREACH was specific to pediatric mental health literacy for primary care providers. As one component of the CanREACH program, CanREACH is a licensee of The Resource for Advancing Children’s Health (REACH) Institute PPP training. CanREACH is a REACH approved site to independently offer this training, and has adopted the training into the Canadian context. The evidence of success that CanREACH had in its first five years, led CanREACH to receive a Health Innovation Implementation and Spread (HIIS) fund to adopt and measure a provincial strategy. Further, CanREACH has supported initiatives in other Canadian provinces, has received national accolades, and has published evidence of success.



Alberta Health Services, Department of Psychiatry – Excellence in Systems Transformation Award


Children’s Healthcare Canada – Organizational Leadership Award


President’s Excellence – Outstanding Achievements in Innovation and Research Excellence Award


College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) – Continuing Professional Development Program Award


Alberta Health Services, Department of Psychiatry – Excellence in Systems Transformation Award

CanReach Faculty

CanREACH is led by Calgary based Course Master Dr. Sam Chang (Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist) and Course Facilitator Dr. Eden McCaffrey (Medical Education/Clinical Therapist), with the support of Program Administrator Elizabeth Belyea.

Physician Faculty include:

Program learning outcomes/goals

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    Primary care providers will improve their mental health knowledge and skills, as well as self-efficacy.
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    Primary care providers will improve their mental health services for children and families by:
  • Formulating accurate and comprehensive mental health diagnosis
  • Accurately identifying child and family strengths and risks
  • Effectively moving research into practice settings by providing appropriate evidence-based treatment
  • Practicing collaboratively with other relevant community professionals when formulating a diagnosis and treatment plan
  • Actively engaging the child and family in all aspects of treatment
  • Providing ongoing mental health care tailored to the child and family’s individual needs
  • Appropriately referring children and youth for further mental health treatment when necessary

The learning outcomes of the CanREACH Program are :

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